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Dye Sublimation and Specialty Imprinting Association  was formed in 2000 by imprinters who have a common interest in the specialty imprinting market in order to exchange information about inks, papers, substrates, presses, etc..  We have a very diverse group of people including hobbiest, trophy shops, embroidery shops, screen printers, engravers and suppliers with a wide variety of backgrounds ready to help you along.  We hope you join our family by clicking on "Discussion Forum" above but in the mean time, have a look at some pictures of some of the characters you will probably meet along the way...

Some of our past parties and convention pictures...

ARA Las Vegas Feb. 2002

ARA Las Vegas Mar. 2003

SGIA Show in Atlanta Oct. 15-18, 2003.

The Dye Sublimation and Specialty Imprinting forum, used to run contests for prizes in the past.  Time just doesn't permit this to be done right now but maybe again someday in the future.  Many entries are very unique and we hope that you enjoy viewing them.  If you have any questions about entries please join us in our new DSSI forum here on DyeSub.org by clicking on "Discussion Forum" above.  You will need to register to enter the forum.

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Delphi: Dye Sublimation and Specialty Imprinting forum link

The following is a post from the DSSI forum on Jan 2, 2002:

Congratulations to all for helping in making this such a successful forum! The Dye Sublimation and Specialty Imprinting forum is one of 40 forums that has been selected from the thousands of forums here at Delphi for syndication.  Delphi staff wrote, "Your forum has been chosen because of its content, its focus on helping or informing people, its overall tone, it's size and your high-quality management. " 

DSSI content will soon appear in a different format through a site called eHow.  All of us will continue to use Delphiforums and we can continue to direct new members via Delphiforums but we will start receiving additional members through the eHow site.

To most of you this will mean very little, but the few things for you to note are: 

- If answering a navigation question, you must first find out if they are viewing through Delphiforums or through eHow.  The eHow format is very different then the Delphiforums format.

- When posting a link to a message, I believe you will need to post 2 links, one for the Delphiforum members and one for the eHow members.  When I know this for sure, I will post the format to use for linking.

On another note, recent forum statistics for DSSI are:

12/29/00 12/29/01
Current Membership 571 1,562*
Average new members per day 2 4.6
Average member visits per day 73 143
Average guest visitors per day 33 104
Average posts per day 34 149
Message views per day 1,000-7,000 17,388-27,646
Total messages on DSSI 5,738 39,626
The averages were calculated over the first 15 days of Dec.

*I recently deleted over 300 accounts that have not been used since before 1/15/01 this figure does not include those deleted accounts.

Thank you to all who have freely given help and support to our members in need and special thanks to those of you who go above and beyond the call of duty and offer additional help in providing articles, testing products, providing product support, as well as user support/techniques and sharing your hard earned knowledge with the members of the forum.

From the moderators of your DSSI forum, we hope everyone has a very prosperous & happy new year!

Cherie Derrick, Marianne Becktel, Ann Palmer & the anonymous one

The following is a post from the DSSI forum 12/29/00:

Some interesting tidbits of info to end our very successful year here at the Dye Sublimation and Specialty Imprinting forum...

Current membership: 571
Avg. 2 new members per day
Avg. 73 member visits per day
Avg. 33 guest visitors per day
Avg. 34 posts per day

These averages were calculated over the first 15 days of Dec.

The message views per day on this forum is usually between 1,000-7,000.

As of 9:15 EST this morning there are currently 5738 messages in our archives.

A special "thank you" to our main sources for new visitors (and potential new members) goes to:

http://www.prospero.com (Delphi)

FYI: The visits from the NBM site (the publishers of Printwear, Promowear, A&E, and some other mags.) and Screenprinters.net (US Screen Printing Institute) were from posts that a few of our members put on their message boards for people to come visit. Thank you!

Thank you to all who have freely given help and support to members/guests in need and an extra thank you to the forward looking people to keep the sublimation industry on track for the future!

Have a safe and happy new year!

Cherie Derrick & Marianne Becktel

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